Wardrobe – Hesen Black



Wardrobe Hesen – Keep order in clothes
It is not known from today that minimalism and class are the concepts that go hand in hand.If you like the interior arranged in good taste, and at the same time in your life and at home you adhere to the principle “Less Means more”, the Hesen collection is a proposal for you.
HESEN wardrobe is a great solution to the hall and a bedroom where you plan to separate the place on the wardrobe.You store clothes that require hanging, such as long coats, jackets, cloak or suits.In the upper part, you successfully place items that you reach occasionally, and in the lower one you can arrange shoes or accessories.
Wardrobe with dimensions 101 × 203 cm is convenient storage zones:
– hanging zone equipped with a Hangers rod,
– PAWNAK being an integral part of the wardrobe,
– 1 Drawer located at the bottom of the cabinet.

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Additional information

Weight 91.15 kg
Size 57 × 101 × 203 cm




Graphite/Artisan Oak